“If There’s a Shooter at My School…”

“If There’s a Shooter at My School…”

“If there’s a shooter at my school, my friends and I are coming to your house!”

Alex, one of our incredible Team Kids leaders, recently told me this. I live across from his school, and previously showed him how to get into our house in an emergency. I imagined this emergency scenario to be an earthquake or his parents’ sudden inability to pick him up, not an active shooter on his campus. This is a very loved young man, who lives in and attends school in, one of the safest cities in America.

It breaks my heart that this plan is in the forefront of Alex’s mind. This fear can be crippling for all of us, but none more than for our children. Feeling safe is a key factor in learning and healthy development. Now with recent attacks, along with the massive LAUSD closing in the news, our children’s fears are intensified. We need to do everything we can to help our kids feel safe in a world that fear is trying to conquer.

The Team Kids Challenge surrounds elementary school students with Team Kids coaches, educators, parents, police officers and firefighters as mentors to support the children’s efforts in making a difference in their community. These kids are shown that there are caring adults in their community watching out for their well-being and that their schools are the place where compassion gets put into action.

Take time to let your children know about all the caring people in their school and community. This is perhaps one of the best things we can show our children right now. Because stealing our children’s sense of safety is undoubtedly one of the most serious threats to our great country.



25 Teens Give Up Their Summers to Serve!

Team Kids Youth Council Summer Serv-a-Thon!

The TKYC looks forward to the Serv-a-thon all year, this summer’s Serv-a-Thon was one for the books! This group of 25 teens have spent the last few months planning service projects throughout San Diego County for this summer’s Serv-a-Thon. Highlights from the trip: Volunteering with Best Day Foundation at the beach where each TKYCer was paired up with a special needs kid to have the best day at the beach and BBQing and spending quality time with the Wounded Warrior Batallion at Camp Pendleton.

See these 4 service-packed days in the 10 minute video below! I am so proud of the TKYC and look forward to next summer’s Serv-a-thon!

365 Days of Team Kids Magic!

Its a new year at Team Kids! On July 1st, Team Kids began our 15th year of delivering our mission to empower our youth to change the world! Our board, staff, teachers, police, fire fighters, families and volunteers continue to be blown away with inspiration from witnessing the compassionate leadership of our country’s youngest citizens.

Before our Team Kids Bus gears up for a new year of service adventures in our schools and communities, we invite you to “buckle up” and join us for a whirlwind 365 day journey through the amazing accomplishments of our Team Kids.

We salute our incredible partners from our schools, police and fire departments, and the generous donors who make it possible for us to deliver our collective mission!

For the kids,



Today in Orange County, most of the work being done in health and human services focuses, appropriately, on the immediate needs of the disadvantaged. Team Kids takes a different approach, directing their energies toward our youth, teaching them the value and power of working together to solve community issues. In so doing, they are developing the philanthropists of the future and creating systematic change in our community.”

OC United Way, CEO Max Gardner

Team Kids is addressing critical child and community needs today, while also building our next generation of problem solvers.”

Dan Lubeck, Team Kids Board Member

I became a Founding Team Kids Board Member in 2004, after witnessing the leadership and compassion being developed in the students participating in the Team Kids Challenge Program. Team Kids engenders a culture where it is everyone’s right, regardless of age, to be a powerful agent for change.”

Bethany LaFlam, Team Kids Board Member

Team Kids, to me, is an antidote to entitlement and one great way to create the responsible citizens we all want as future leaders.”

Mike Cupps, Team Kids Board Member; Private Investor

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