How Team Kids is Replacing Fear with Hope

How Team Kids is Replacing Fear with Hope

Human beings, no matter their faith, have gifts to put into action to create change. 

The American Muslim community has recently experienced a heightened sense of concern. While thoughts and prayers are nice, action is needed. That is why I called my colleague and friend Dina Eletreby, who is the principal at New Horizon Elementary School, which provides Muslim-based education. After a warm embrace, coffee and shared concerns, we grabbed our calendars and scheduled a Team Kids Challenge. 

Our team is excited to return to New Horizon Elementary School and empower the children in our local Muslim community alongside our partners from Irvine Police Department and Orange County Fire Authority. Not just because the beautiful students at New Horizons need to know how much our community values them, but mostly because they have so much to give back as compassionate leaders. The students will be accepting the challenge to address literacy, hunger and animal welfare.  Dina remarked, “By working together to do good, Team Kids and the students of New Horizon provide a model for healing and for renewing our hope in the future.”

We can all find opportunities to replace fear and hate with security and love. If you know someone in a group being marginalized, reach out to let them know they matter and that you care about them. Our community is built on mutual respect and admiration for our cultural differences. Now more than ever, I hope the students from New Horizon and everywhere feel love and appreciation. Human beings, no matter their faith, have gifts to put into action to create change. 


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Today in Orange County, most of the work being done in health and human services focuses, appropriately, on the immediate needs of the disadvantaged. Team Kids takes a different approach, directing their energies toward our youth, teaching them the value and power of working together to solve community issues. In so doing, they are developing the philanthropists of the future and creating systematic change in our community.”

OC United Way, CEO Max Gardner

Team Kids is addressing critical child and community needs today, while also building our next generation of problem solvers.”

Dan Lubeck, Team Kids Board Member

I became a Founding Team Kids Board Member in 2004, after witnessing the leadership and compassion being developed in the students participating in the Team Kids Challenge Program. Team Kids engenders a culture where it is everyone’s right, regardless of age, to be a powerful agent for change.”

Bethany LaFlam, Team Kids Board Member

Team Kids, to me, is an antidote to entitlement and one great way to create the responsible citizens we all want as future leaders.”

Mike Cupps, Team Kids Board Member; Private Investor

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